Why Good Restaurant Reservation Etiquette Is Important

A diner’s duty as a good customer does not begin when they enter the restaurant. Good restaurant etiquettes start while booking your table. Here are some reservation etiquettes every diner should follow.

Photo: Sandra Seitamaa/Unsplash

Before You Check In

Noone likes a diner who comes in alone and waits for the rest of their party to show up. If you’re planning to go to a restaurant with others, make sure to gather before you go, as your waiting can lead to a loss of business for the restaurant.

Early Bird or a Night Owl

Another reservation etiquette while booking your table is to choose unconventional time slots, like 5:30 pm. Dining earlier or later allows restaurants to maximize their revenue as a restaurant needs two turns at a four-seater table to make the math work.

Photo: Alena Plotnikova/Unsplash

Running Late

Sometimes, you’re unable to make your reservation on time. During such moments, always call the restaurant and inform them of the delay. Some restaurants do not hold a table for more than 10 minutes, while others are more lenient.

Being a No-Show Is a Big No-No

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to make your reservation, call and let the restaurant know. Try giving them as much notice as possible.