Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs’ connection to us humans makes them one of the best things that have ever happened to us. Here are some of the main reasons why dogs are just naturally man’s best friend:

Photo: zhenhao Liu/Unsplash

They Would Sacrifice Themselves

A dog will go to great lengths for its owner. There are several recorded cases of dogs saving their owners and even putting themselves at risk doing so. We know that whatever happens, they would do anything to defend us.

Photo: Adam Griffith/Unsplash

It Is A Beneficial Relationship

Humans and dogs have a special connection that positively affects either side. Once we adopt dogs, we give whatever we have to them: love, shelter, food, and a secure environment. We took time and energy with them and as a result, we have built companionship, affection, loyalty, and tight commitment. There are even crisis response dogs that have been specially trained to deal with high-stress situations to assist people in dealing with difficulties. A study performed by Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine showed that when military veterans with PTSD have an assistant dog, they do better medically and psychologically. Veterans who had a service dog saw fewer symptoms of PTSD and better-coping skills.

They Keep Us Alive Longer

According to a Mayo Clinic study, dog owners are more likely to be physically active, eat better, smokeless, and have lower blood sugar than non-pet owners. Having a dog in your life can help you live longer. Dog owners have a decreased risk of mortality. Dog owners also have a decreased risk of death, according to a comprehensive evaluation of studies published between 1950-and 2019.