Why a Yo-Yo Diet Can Play Games with your Heart Health

Dieting is tough. For most people, we go through spells of being very disciplined before falling off the wagon. For women especially, yo-yo dieting is both common and dangerous. Today, a yo-yo diet is quite a common choice for many people – but it comes with risks that are simply beyond what you should be thinking about. These diets find that they are typically going to be good for dramatic changes in body weight, but this can play absolute havoc with your heart health in the future.

Photo: Diana Polekhina/Unsplash

Yo-yo dieting is broken down as a process where you lose – and then regain – 10 lbs in a short period. Tests have been carried out to work out how dangerous this is. It found that over half – 51% - of the women yo-yo dieting were finding their health to be worsening. Over 80% did not possess what would be seen as an ideal body mass index (BMI) for their weight and height.

By losing weight at such rapid levels, as yo-yo dieting entails, you can find that it causes significant lean mass deductions. When you gain weight, though, you are likely to develop what is known as an adipose issue. This can leave your body – and your heart – in a state of potential weakness and vulnerability. This should concern you, as if you are trying to strip all of that weight away in a quick-snap timeline you might regret it.

Photo: i yunmai/Unsplash

That is why if you do want to lose weight you should focus on doing so slowly and naturally. Rapid weight loss often cuts corners and takes risks with your long-term health. If you want to find that you are losing weight properly, do so gradually – you cannot speed up the natural process of weight loss without taking risks.

Yo-yo dieting is worse for you than not dieting at all. If you are going to diet, do it right: looking for quick-fix solutions like this will only become dangerous.