These 5 Places Pay You To Live There

Countries, states, and cities are offering various incentives to attract people to live there. If you're considering moving away, here are 5 such places!

Photo: Tierra Mallorca/Unsplash

Topeka, Kansas

According to the Kansas City Star, people who decide to relocate to the city and rent can receive up to $10,000, while $15,000 can go to people who move in and buy a home. The initiative dubbed “Choose Topeka” is targeted to attract talented workers to the city. It will cover the moving cost of people who choose to make this city their home. However, you need to live there for one year to receive the money.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Okla has also decided to give $10,000 to people who move there. They require people to live there for one year before receiving the cash. The program includes a free membership to a co-working space in Tulsa. Executive director of George Kaiser Family Foundation, Ken Levit, said they seek to attract outstanding talents.

Antikythera, Greece

Antikythera is an underpopulated island in the Aegean Sea. Located between Crete and Peloponnese, the area has 20 people, including three children. Therefore, the local authority is giving out $20,000 to young families who will relocate to the island. Beneficiaries will receive the amount within three years, i.e., a monthly allowance of 500 euros. They will also receive a parcel of land and a house.

Photo: Scott Webb/Unsplash

New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven has initiated to offer new homeowners around $80,000. These incentives include a $10,000 interest-free that participants can use as a down payment when buying a new home. Others have a $30,000 package meant for renovations and energy-saving installations.

Baltimore, Maryland

The Buying into Baltimore program aims to offer 30 potential residents $5,000 to close their new home deal in the city. Selections are made twice a year through a lottery event. However, your mortgage shouldn’t be more than $517,000, and after winning, you need to close the deal within 60 days. Another program, Vacants to Value, offers a potential $10,000 to buy a distressed or vacant home and renovate it.