Stanley Tucci Will Give You $10,000 to Vacation Like an Italian This Summer

You might know Stanley Tucci as the no-nonsense art director in The Devil Wears Prada. But now he has a new role. The actor is giving away $10,000 to vacation like an Italian this summer — all you have to do is win his vacation giveaway.

Photo: Kristine Tanne/Unsplash

Teaming up with San Pellegrino, the actor offers one lucky traveler an Italian holiday. But not just any holiday. He’ll throw in $10,000 for you to vacation, Italian style. The actor is known for his love of his ancestral motherland. And he has partnered with one of the country’s most distinguished brands, San Pellegrino, to make the Italian flavors accessible to everyone.

The partnership was announced in February of 2022. San Pellegrino has now announced a contest for a summer that’ll reward the winner with $10,000 so they can enjoy summer like the Italians. Ten lucky winners of the giveaway will receive a summer worth’s supply of San Pellegrino and San Pellegrino Essenza, while one lucky winner will get to extend their summer with a $10,000 cash prize, along with the summer supply of S.Pellegrino and S.Pellegrino Essenza!