4 Natural Remedies to Cure your Hangover

Got in too deep last night? We describe four natural remedies that will reduce your hangover.

Coconut water

Alcohol dehydrates your body. It causes the pituitary gland to stop secreting a certain hormone that causes the kidneys to stop absorbing as much water. This is why a night on the town, causes headaches and dehydration symptoms. Your body is out of balance the next day and needs water. Coconut water is a good addition because it is very hydrating and replenishes lost electrolytes.

Green smoothie

A green smoothie also called a green monster, may sound terrible and especially if you have a spicy hangover. The nice thing about a green smoothie is that you get the right nutrients in a very simple way. Ingredients to choose from include spinach, kale, water, coconut water, celery, cucumber, banana, avocado, apple, and lemon. Create your favorite composition.

Do something

It's not always a good idea to exercise with a severe hangover, but a little exercise certainly can't hurt. Take a twenty-minute walk in the woods and you'll see that you'll feel a lot better after this.

Hot/cold showers

The idea sounds horrible, especially if you have a hangover, but it can really help. Jump under a hot shower and as soon as you're almost done showering, turn the shower faucet to the coldest setting. By doing this, you stimulate blood flow and toxins leave your body quickly.