3 Three Must-See Tourist Attractions To Visit In Kraków

Kraków offers a beautiful historic setting, world-class cuisine, and sites that'll attract any visitor. The remarkably reasonable price point and lack of tourist hordes make it one of the most appealing destinations in Central Europe. To get the most out of your vacation in Kraków, be sure to visit these must-see destinations.

Photo: Lucas Albuquerque/Unsplash


Any guide to Kraków would be remiss if it didn't point out this internationally significant historic site. It is within easy reach of the city. Guided tours are widely available, and public transit is also an inexpensive and effective way to experience this challenging and meaningful site.


While Kraków's walled old town center is beautiful, consider venturing beyond the walls to nearby Kazimierz for its hip nightlife, funky shops, and tangible sense of history. A significant Jewish area before WWII, it is the home of several small museums and historic sites.

Photo: Jean Carlo Emer/Unsplash

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Accessible via public transportation, tour, or taxi, the salt mines are located near a charming small town just outside of the city. Guided tours take visitors deep underground to experience the health benefits of the cool, crystal-infused air and the beauty of the halls, chapels, sculptures, and artifacts on display. For the more adventurous explorers, alternate tour routes let you experience the mining life for yourself. There is also the option of a spa and meal offerings.