3 Simple Ways to Calm Down Dizziness

Do you suffer from dizziness? Then you are not alone. When you feel dizzy, it can throw your entire day into chaos. You can feel like you cannot get anything done, and nothing makes sense. Sometimes, dizziness will clear up in minutes, never to be seen again. For some, though, dizziness can be a regular issue that they need to overcome. Whether it is a rare event or a common one, though, you should try out some of the following home remedies for dizziness. Used correctly, they can at least stabilize the symptoms short term.

Photo: Indra Utama/Unsplash

Rehydrate yourself

The first ‘remedy’ is the simplest – water. If you are dehydrated then you increase the risk of feeling dizzy and faint. Therefore, if you are someone who does not drink enough water, you should try and change that. Go and drink a glass of water and you can often find that those dizzy spells come down significantly. You want around 2l of water per day, so try and aim for a few glasses throughout your daily duties.

Try some ginger

If you feel like you are dizzy and nauseous all at once, you should try using some ginger. Ginger is a useful way to try and relieve these symptoms. Simply add some ginger to a cup of tea, or, better still, take it raw. Ginger is great for giving you a release from the dizzy feeling you are dealing with – it can also help to calm down stomach discomfort and cramps, which might also be part of why you are feeling so dizzy. 

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Manage your blood sugar

One way that you could find you can control your dizziness – if your health allows – is with an increase in blood sugar. If you are on an empty stomach, then you could find that your blood sugar levels are crashing and contributing to your dizziness. The easiest way around this is to eat something that can quickly spike your blood sugar – a small bar of chocolate, for example. Anything with high sugar content can help to stabilize you when you feel dizzy. Just avoid eating in excess!

Try out these methods and you might find that you can escape the clutches of dizziness a little bit easier. If nothing else, try and get some fresh air!