3 Popular Surinamese Dishes That Anyone Should Try

Suriname is a country in the Caribbean and also part of South America. The population is multicultural and because of its diverse ethnic community, Suriname has several interesting and mouthwatering delicacies. Let’s take a look at some of the Surinamese cuisine! 

Photo: Anna Church/Unsplash

Murgi Talkari

This traditional dish is inspired by Indian cuisine but belongs to Suriname. The curry is made with chicken, garlic, onions, oil, garam masala, hot peppers, sugar, and salt. You should sauté the ingredients in oil, cover them with water, then leave them on medium heat to cook till the meat is tender. Murgi talkari is usually served with rice, pumpkin, potato masala, cabbage, or string beans on the side.

Photo: Andy Hay/Unsplash


This delicious salad contains blanched green beans, green cabbage, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, shredded coconut, and hard-boiled eggs. The vegetables are usually placed on a dish and the cucumber and boiled eggs slices are used as garnishes. The salad dressing contains yogurt, coconut milk, brown sugar, chili peppers, and lime juice.

Bojo Cake

This popular Surinamese dessert has a rather smooth texture. It is a flourless cake and is made from ingredients like rum, raisins, coconut, cassava, cinnamon, sugar, coconut milk, eggs, almond extract, butter, and vanilla. This entire combination is usually poured into a pan meant for baking. You bake it till it turns is golden brown. Cut the Bojo cake into squares when serving. One of the best ways to serve this cake is with one dollop of whipped cream.