3 Fun Facts about Bill Murray

The celebrity world is filled with people who are dubbed interesting when, on closer inspection, they are nothing of the sort. Few could say that and genuinely mean it about Bill Murray, though. The comic is a genius and has been around in various guises and forms for much of his life. From the likes of Groundhog Day to Ghostbusters and Caddyshack, few celebrities have been as culturally vital as Murray. What, though, drives that unicity?

He has been through the injury list

Most actors end up hurt at one point or another, but few can match Murray when it comes to bumps and bruises – and not only his own. He broke the nose of Robert de Niro when shooting a scene in 1993, and he was even allegedly bitten by the groundhog – more than once – that was his accompanying pal during the shooting of Groundhog Day. Talk about going further for the part!

He can play most roles

One thing to note about Murray is that most people think he is a jester; he is actually a top-class actor. From the bombastic characters of his early career to the more melancholic roles of his later life, Murray has been a versatile actor who has happily played roles of just about every kind. If you are looking for an actor who can play the sad part as well as the jovial one, start with Murray.

He hates modern privacy invasion

Today, many celebrities find themselves getting shoehorned into selfies by people on the street. At a rooftop event in 2016, someone tried to take selfies with Murray without asking. Agitated by the invasion of his privacy, he took their phone and launched it from the top of the roof. That might seem a bit overkill, but it might be a nightmare getting accosted and bothered every single place that you happen to visit.