3 Birds With Some of the Most Peculiar Mating Rituals

Animals around the globe have their specific mating rituals. And while some are kinda similar to what humans do, some of those animals, and specifically birds, can get pretty freaky. Here are some we considered worth mentioning!

Photo: Jaime Spaniol/Unsplash

Greater Sage-Grouse

When it’s time for this elaborately dressed bird to impress a mate, the greater sage-grouse will use the two air sacs on his chest. His courtship display includes inflating the sacs and making high-pitched sounds. These Northern- American birds live in large colonies and nest on the ground, which means their mating ritual is performed in masses with many males trying to attract many females in a flashy, loud spectacle.

Photo: Ganapathy Kumar/Unsplash


Everyone knows this one-leg-standing bird. Some of you might even know that flamingos are the living example of "you are what you eat", as they turn pink as a result of eating certain kinds of shrimp and algae. What happens during the mating season reminds one of a flash mob. The whole pack of flamingos will gather in the shallow waters of a salt flat. They will call, stretch their necks and turn their heads in every direction until they split into pairs.

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Wilson’s bird of paradise has a pretty elaborate mating ritual. The male starts by finding a clearing with a small perch and overhead sunlight. Then, he clears this little patch of land of anything green. Once the place is tidy, he calls on the female to come to sit on the porch and watch him from overhead. Once she’s in position, the male tilts his head back and reveals the feathers on his throat.