3 Awesome Speakers that Offer Function as Well as Fashion

Today, trying to buy speakers can be a nightmare. Most of the time, you can run into issues finding speakers that either look good or perform well. It can feel like one or the other process. However, if you want to get around that problem, you should look into some of the following speaker sets.

Photo: wu yi/Unsplash

In our view, these provide you with all of the quality that you need from a modern set of speakers both in terms of their performance and how they look when they are set up accordingly.

BeoPlay S3

The first option on our list is the BeoPlay S3. This works extremely well aesthetically, with a levitating design sure to draw conversation from people who come to visit your home. Another nice touch is the minimalist nature of the design. It is easy to pair up with just about any device, and it can provide a 360-degree sound standard that is hard to match for the price.

A great choice for any kind of music, and a stylish design that is sure to encourage you to use this speaker more often purely to impress your guests.

Harmon Kardon Soundsticks

The III edition of the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks is a must-buy in our view. It has a very cool look, looking like something you would find on the Enterprise or something similar. That high-tech, futuristic look is backed up with excellent functionality and 2.1 distortion-resistant speakers.

If you are looking for a way to pump up the volume and add some extra power to your music, then this is a good place to start. It even has a light that can add a light source, so you can listen to music ‘in the dark without being blindsided.

Photo: Scott Major/Unsplash

Amazon Echo

Of course, if you want something that can produce good quality music sounds and some extra functionality, start here. The Amazon Echo is a great device for giving you a speaker that can easily provide great music sounds, offer you an easy way to communicate with your house, and even make it easy for you to change tracks.

It is fully wireless and mobile, too, so you just need to keep it charged and you could be using the Amazon Echo for everything from news forecasts to listening to that album you have just purchased online.